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Amazing FAME with the secondes euro 6 and 7 (2019)

dimanche 17 février 2019 par Gay Claire

MY EXPERIENCE OF THE MUSICAL by the Seconde 7 euro
This year, we had the chance to do the musical Fame. This week was incredible but it was very hard because the choreographies and songs were very complicated.
The days were long from 9am to 5pm every day of the week. We were able to learn many things during this week such as speaking English continuously or learning new vocabulary by listening to the English speakers of Beauville Arts.
The day of the show was amazing with a great atmosphere !! If I could do it again it would not be a problem. (Marie Mons)

This week was really amazing !
The first day we didn’t know at all what was going to happen. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we learned choreographies and songs.
After, Thursday and Friday we started to put on the show. I was quiet scared when i saw that we were not in good rhythm. Half an hour before the show, everyone was in the dressing room. We put music and we were really excited. When we saw on the screen the people who sat in the theatre, we began to be stressed but once on stage we were really cheerful.
Thanks to this week I was able to create links with the other class and also with people in my class. (Margot Bunieski)

Every day, we started at 9am and finished at 5pm. In a day, we had two breaks of 15 minutes and another one for lunch, of course. In 5 days, we prepared the show : it means every day ; we were dancing, acting and singing.
There were 3 teachers one dancer, one musician and a drama teacher.
As far as I am concerned, these 5 days were hard but gave me great fun.

The show took place on Friday. We all wore eighties outfits : we were really colorful.
The audience was really excited : they didn’t stop to applause.
Well, we danced, sang, acted, grooved, smiled, clapped… It was an amazing show and an amazing experience ! (Juliette PERREAU)


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